Most girls dreamed of being a princess or a warrior.  Jamie dreamed of both.  Spending her days running around in the woods, Jamie spliced together different worlds to create her own unique one.  The only things that stayed the same was the balance between good and evil in her characters: oh and fire.  Oh and cats.

One day her dreams were shattered.  She had become too old for make-believe.  For a panicked moment, the world was lost, and then she discovered writing: make-believe that was accepted.

Even with a strong background of video games and 80’s cartoons, she was really only interested in talking animals.  One fateful date in 6th grade, the 11 year old Jamie was forced to read The Book of Three By Lloyd Alexander.  The thought of reading something without talking animals (even though her teacher assured her that the was a “talking” pig) was unbearable.  She only agreed after being told that someone would be reading it to her.

The book changed her life and Jamie jumped from talking animals to the deep rich fantasy that had plagued her imagination as a child.  From there, she began to write original fiction, crossovers, and fan fiction.  She attended the Maine School of Science Mathematics for high school.  She then ran away to Umaine for her BA in Creative Writing and finally ending her school career with a MFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University.  She currently lives in Maine with her two beloved Corgis.  You can read her blog and other writings at http://www.jamieprovencher.com

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